The double role of internet and choice in society today

We are in many ways more connected and disconnected from each other. The internet has made the world smaller yet we have grown more individualistic and the shared bonds that we had in our communities has eroded. The internet has taken over our lives and we have become attached to it. The internet carries our alias or our alter personality that we may not carry along with ourselves in the real world. A person is complex and made of different experiences and emotions but since the internet has become such a large part of our lives, we have become less of a person even in the physical world. Hence when we meet people we are just carrying around a superficial persona. This has been the primary cause of our disconnect with each other. While we have more physical access to each other, we have lost the soul in our relations due to our common destinies diverging in the age we are living in. This can be seen in our politics. Today the republicans and democrats have moved in opposite direction which is quite surprising especially when you compare it to the 1970s when the drift in views was very similar and Republicans and Democrats converged on a lot of issues. Today the internet and greater options have led us to segregate ourselves into bubbles that don’t seem to burst. We like to live with people who think the same as us and want the same things as us. This rift has been exasperated by our institutions and businesses playing on those differences. It is said that for example Republicans like drinks such as Dr.Pepper more than Democrats. These tactics just widen the divide. At some point we must get comfortable with our human identity and needs as we embrace these changes. Our world has progressed so much over the last 200 years that most of the cave man instincts we have are vestigial. At this point rather than looking negatively at technology, we must embrace it for all the benefits it provides but along with that we must grow comfortable and understand that we are still humans. If we graple this identity crisis then we may reach the society of our dreams.

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