A New Year message to GenZ

“Happy and Hopeful 2020” a message to GenZ

We may not realize this but the transition from 2019 to 2020 is much bigger than a change in the year or decade it is a symbolic transfer of power and idealism to GenZ. We will come of age this decade. This coming of age represents not only a possibility for idealism but also the vitality for change. We have many issues to deal with as the next in line. We have commitments to those who have been forgotten and have lived in despair. It is time we end this problem that taints the very core of humanity. It is time for action and our generation will be at the drivers seat for this change. I urge you not to squander this opportunity as it could have bad repercussions. I encourage all of you to use your power to help the forgotten and downtrodden. In the spirit of positivity, idealism , and hope I wish you a very Happy and fulfilling New Year.

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