A Systems approach to Extentialism

 A system is a mixture of inter-related components into a giant system. To take a systems approach you must consider the type of system you want to examine. Each system is affected by the environment and the mesosytems within it. A systems approach involves choosing the type of system you want to examine and then seeing how the inter-dependent parts connect and the way the other components interact. A systems approach involves an analytical rather than a reactionary outlook as reactionary outlooks can lead to disastrous logical fallacies. I like to think of myself as a thinker and I have some thoughts that profoundly scare me. I have in a way had an existential crisis. This in my view is the best topic to examine. To take a systems approach in regards to existence and how meaningful it is you must apply a systems approach. In a macrosystem we examine the value of life of humans and animals and what the world be without it. To take this to a more micro level we see 2 factors that could explain the value of the living world; one is philosophy and the other is the physical value. Philosophically speaking religion gives a special place to humans and affirms that nothing is more important than the sons and daughters of God, which is mankind. The physical explanation shows us that in an ecosystem all parts of the environment are essential to the greater well being of the planet so a more physical explanation of the value of our existence has to do with the gap we create when we leave hence our value is affirmed. Another component to measure our value is the purpose we have for ourselves. A life can be truly meaningless if one doesn’t steer in a direction he or she likes to see. Hence we must know our goals to bring meaning to our life. A systems approach would gather this analysis and craft that our value comes from our self-worth and our ambitions. The opposite of a systems approach would lead us to a logical fallacy that could negatively alter the assessment of our own existence.

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