Last Man Standing (Dystopia)

The world has its own story and its own fate according to the times its in. In 2019 the world seems to be rising with emerging nations from Asia-Pacific taking over the western countries within the next 3 decades creating a whole new shift in world order. I laugh at the gleeful optimism these naive humans have. In 2019 people believe cancer will be cured and immortality would be achieved. Nonetheless I am going to tell you what actually happens a 100 years later through my story as a war prisoner in a rogue state where tyranny and barbarism holds no bounds. I am the only human surviving the rest of the world is debilitated and only the Yazata people manage to survive. These hooligans believe they are the only race that is worthy of living and are trying to create a complete Yazata  based society. These people are not humans but monsters. They are testament to the tyranny that the human race is capable of bringing. Unlike what many may think this situation was bound to happen and History shows that. Only fools are incompetent from looking from the past and that is unfortunately the only term I can describe humans with. Their folly knows no boundaries. However the hindu concept of Karma now resonates with me. It was a religion that existed 2 years ago and now has been wiped out from the surface of planet earth. The mess I am in is not something unprecedented . The pressure had been amounting for decades and things just blew like no one could think of in their worst nightmare. The human lapse in judgement and the control dopamine has is toxic and destructive. The destruction of planet Earth is solely because of the human lust for supremacy and quirks in their personality the ego of a human is not to be irked, believe me, it can cause nuclear destruction. It all began in 2019 when the UN security council was debating whether to create a  militant force in Afghanistan and the United states urged on sending troops there however China rejected any such proposals and urged they would send theirs.Their sole ambition was dominion over oil rich Afghanistan. Soon there was communal disharmony between the UN Security forces and the US and China waged full scale war. A bunch of rebels in the UK who were part of a non-governmental militia in North-Western England started to get interested in this so in the midst of the war these people covertly dressed as US army men and went to Shanghai so they could stage a coup and set their hands on the prize and rest assured the US leadership was too corrupt and lazy to properly administer the armed forces. As soon as they reached Pudong district they strategically and effectively raided the smallpox laboratory in Beijing, China. The strength of this capture was unfathomable as a simple leak of this virus in civil society could cause an epidemic worse than what Medieval Europe had experienced in the middle ages. The smallpox virus was kept in case the smallpox virus were to break out again then there would be a counter attack mechanism however this instead of saving the world was captured by a rogue organisation that called themselves Yazata. For the first time in human history did people witness an existential threat to human civilization. This should have been the moment that mankind comes together and removes any difference and exhibits Gods love however that was not the case. The United States threatened pulled out of China and China before declaring a national health emergency signed a deal with Pakistan whom they share border disputes with in Kashmir to hand them Aksai Chin,(China occupied Kashmir) and covertly signed a deal with Yazatas granting them political autonomy in Aksai Chin and hence they bluffed Pakistan. The Yazatas created a government there before Pakistan could do anything. Hence instead of sharing neighborly love with Pakistan: China played a bluff that would cause the eradication of mankind. Yazata kept no diplomatic or political relations with any country. They officially endorsed state sponsored terrorism and unfortunately Pakistan itself was going through tumultuous political and economic circumstances hence they couldn’t fend themselves from the Yazata. The first step of the Yazata was to create internal instability of Pakistan and eventually capture it. The North West of Pakistan in Wazristan was already almost in Afghan hands and  by now Afghanistan had been declared a failed state and had no military control. The entire force was controlled by the Taliban who eventually tied up with the Yazatas. Since no country could deploy troops in Afghanistan the situation there had become reckless. The already fragile part of Pakistan was now under Taliban control and indirectly under the Yazatas. The army chief of Pakistan in fear of his life gave the Yazatas the Nuclear launch codes and sold his country to war mongerers. Yes now the Yazatas controlled a Nuclear state. They were invincible and they were the hub of terrorism. Terrorist group leaders came to get funding. Nothing could stop the Yazatas as they had menacing leadership that could launch Nuclear Weapons at any time. The world had very little knowledge of the doom impending upon them. This state had created a system where no political rights existed. Nobody was allowed to leave the state of Yazata(which now composed of Aksai Chin, Afghanistan and Pakistan). There was no access to the internet except for the heads of state who contacted terrorists. Three major terrorists groups joined together and made up the armed forces of the country. People could be hanged if they laughed to much or smiled in public or cried in public. They had to pledge allegiance to Yazata and carry out all state operations with determination. They had enforced jingoism as a state doctrine. Women were treated as third class citizens and crimes such as rape were excused . They could be beaten up if they questioned their role in society. The act of propagating feminism was equivalent to treason or death by waterboarding. Children for education were forced to study Yazata doctrine and become jingoistic and they were trained in how to attack different places. They were indoctrinated so as to make them think that they were the supreme race. They burned books and any other knowledge was irrelevant and Satanic in that society. Soon India managed to gain some insight through the strict surveillance they kept in Indian Kashmir and revealed intelligence to America. The League of Nations soon decided to have a meeting. However this was not going to be possible. In the State of the Union address where all the important members of the US government were present there was an explosion. In this explosion there was only one survivor and he automatically by being the designated survivor became President of the United States. Nobody at the time knew this but the man who survived was linked to the Yazata cause. A low grade agent in the FBI got this information but before that information could become public that man was mysteriously executed. I knew him and unfortunately I only got to see his note when he reached his deathbed and the world was already at the brink of eternal destrutction. The first country to be wiped off was the United States of America instead of trying to bring back the government  the phony president organized an election in which there was a toxin on the ballots which caused the spread of a virus throughout the country and the CDC(center for disease control) was overwhelmed as it hadn’t experienced anything of that magnitude before. Now the Yazata were fresh to take over government and the first step was genocide of all the Americans who survived. The crusade of America was a success. Now with access to the strongest weapons in the world the Yazata were near invincible. The only power cable of countering them were Russia but unfortunately Russia had lost ground in Syria a long time back and through Yazata funding Syria became a breeding ground of terrorism again and since a large part of the Russian army was in Syria they had been victim to the terrorism and their army had low morale. At this time Syria struck Russia and captured it. The weapons were in Syrian hands and they wouldn’t budge to take action against the Yazata people.The League of nations was disbanded. Hence a secret meeting was organized between the heads of states from India, South Africa and the UK. This meeting was intercepted and hacked however the preliminary plans were made. The wrath of Yazata made them instigate a civil war in India as the first plan of action was to mobilise Kashmiri separatists and attack New Delhi. I had been deployed by british intelligence to manage the situation. While I was going I heard that Yazata had waged war against India. There was a continuous series of bombings all over. Indian infrastructure was down within a few days and the Government had left to Mauritius and lawlessness and riots were flourishing as there was no local law enforcement and this caused Yazatas to take over India and now India had a third of the population. Britain too was undergoing a bout of Smallpox. Civil war was rampant in Africa. The Zika virus was already causing a menace in South America. Upon my arrival in Aksai Chin( to get to it I had to navigate various paths of Yazata rule and the situation of these places was heart wrenching) I tried to meet with the other agents. We set up a camp in a desert and all of us knew the responsibility on us. While they were setting up the camp I had gone to find a place to conduct my regular inspection of the Area. Within 10 minutes I heard a huge explosion and apparently they had killed all the agents. I was unfortunate enough to survive. I tried to settle in society as I had no role here my government was shattered India was at the brink of destruction. Australia was under the ocean. Africa was under civil unrest that was causing a famine and the rule of Boko Haram which was linked to Yazata. I tried to live life again. I was eventually captured but not killed as they thought they could use me as a political gimmick. I was thrashed each and every day. I saw how humanity could go rogue. I see son fighting father and mother fighting daughter like scavengers and barbarians. A son can turn in his father if he believes he has said anything against the Yazata people. I was whipped 15 times yesterday. I have not seen a single tv or computer here. All the men their had sex slaves who were officially known as public property. They casually had a beheading of the homeless and people enjoyed it. The compassion between human beings ceased to exist. Tomorrow is my execution and if 300 years later things return to normal I hope that the dreams people had in 2019 do get fulfilled. History is a lesson I hope the Yazata who reads this can learn that he/she is capable of bringing radical social changes  as has been brought throughout human history. We could defeat the Nazis, colonial control and still reemerge and be the best of what we can. Learn that love is the most important emotion you can bring out and your mind is your best weapon This is a historical document that you hopefully would read in your classrooms and learn that Yazata principles are the principles you should be standing valiantly against.

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