The Student Loan problem in the US and my takes on it

The ballooning of student loans is a crisis throughout the country. To tackle this problem we must simply not just throw money at the problem. At the heart of this are many issues such as the prospect of ballooning taxes and federal funding. Forgiving student loans is simply not an option such raising of taxes has historically not yielded the returns. If we get into a system where people anticipate that their loans will be forgiven in the future, I think we’re only going to see that problem exacerbated. The Federal Government should cut down on the loans they provide and provide a more risk based loan system. There should also be a debt to major ratio that gives loans based on expected returns. Colleges should recieve funding under mandates so that colleges don’t spend it in a wrong way. Universities should be held accountable for the way they spend their money. Students should enroll in things like income based payments that have shown to pay of very well. The student loan forgiveness should be about 30 percent of the income and students should be able to opt out of forgiveness for tax breaks.

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